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PDF's from markdown, pandoc and more

A collection of strategies to quickly produce pdf's from markdown files

Different command I've used over the year to quickly create pdfs from local note files.

Raw Pandoc

pandoc -V geometry:margin=1cm <mardown-file> -o <pdf-file>

Pandoc + wkhtmltopdf-engine

  • html support, e.g.: tables etc
  • dynmaic margin
pandoc --pdf-engine=wkhtmltopdf -V papersize=a4 -V margin-top=0.1 -V margin-left=0.1 -V margin-right=0.1 -V margin-bottom=0.1 --from markdown-markdown_in_html_blocks+raw_html <markdown-file> -o <pdf-file>

Quick TXT file to dense readable pdf

pandoc --wrap=preserve $1 -V geometry:margin=1cm -V fontsize=8pt -o $1.pdf -f markdown+hard_line_breaks

Github markdown using grip

sudo snap install grip grip <markdown-file>

then visit the browser page and export the page as pdf. Or curl -X <page> > rendered.html.

HTML to pdf with

pandoc --pdf-engine=wkhtmltopdf rendered.html -o <pdf-file>

TXT to pdf with enscript and ps2pdf

find . -type f -name $1 | while read ONELINE; do enscript "$ONELINE" -p "$(echo "$ONELINE" | sed 's/.txt/.ps/g')"; done find . -type f -name "$(echo "$1" | sed 's/.txt/.ps/g')" | while read ONELINE; do ps2pdf "$ONELINE" "$(echo "$ONELINE" | sed 's/.ps/.pdf/g')"; done

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